Jewelry, handmade with a passion for history!

Hello and welcome to my shop!
My name is Sonja. After almost graduating with a degree in forensic psychology I decided to pursue my real passion and am now a European History major at SNHU. I have been studying Anne Boleyn and Tudor History since I was 12. I have been to England--Hever Castle in Kent, Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, etc--I also hold a pass to the British Library that allows me access to the manuscript room where I have personally handled some of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII's possessions, including her gorgeous book of hours. My handmade replica of her famous B necklace is now the same one that you will find on the Anne Boleyn Files website. If you'd like to support the page, please order there at this link:<br />
I started making necklaces for myself earlier in 2016 because I wear very feminine/goth clothing and dresses that don't allow for me to advertise my interests in the way that t-shirts do. I soon had a cameo pendant choker for just about everything I love!
I thought that perhaps there might be others out there like myself who have trouble finding such things. I very willingly take custom orders so that you can happily show the world what you're about!

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